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  • Welcome to EduElfie

    Welcome to EduElfie

    Specializing in creating immersive and authentic Minecraft: Education Edition learning experiences for students.
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We specialise in creating immersive and authentic Minecraft: Education Edition learning experiences for students. We led the development of Mini Melbourne, and the associated learning experience, Archaeology Adventure both of which are available to download and explore here.

We have been involved in developing and using Minecraft to create learning opportunities for students around the world for over 8 years. We have over 12 years of experience in classrooms both locally here in Australia, and globally.

We also develop and provide professional learning at all levels of ability, to support anyone looking at utilising Minecraft as an educational platform. From virtual seminars, to face to face training days and ongoing, on-site coaching, support and planning.

Who’s Who?

EduElfie is the online alias of Stephen Elford, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Minecraft Global Mentor. Stephen has been involved in Minecraft Education since late 2011 when MinecraftEdu was first released in early beta. Since then he has produced many lessons for both his own, and others’ classrooms. Most are available at request, but many on the Portfolio page are available to download for free.

He has also shared the journey of his growth as a Minecraft Education practitioner via his blog, and values sharing the ups and downs of reimagining education. Alongside this, he sometimes streams his lesson development/thinking processes live on Twitch and produces tutorials on YouTube.

He is proud to have been a TEDx speaker on both of his passion areas, Minecraft in education and 3D printing/design in classrooms and continues to develop his own, and others’ skills in utilising Minecraft and 3D printers in classrooms. He also co-authored a book “Minecraft in the Classroom” with other global leaders in educating with Minecraft.

More recently Stephen was in charge of the deployment of Minecraft: Education Edition across the state of Victoria for the Department of Education and Training, and as part of this role created and delivered high quality professional development for teachers of all abilities, created content directly linked to the Victorian Curriculum for any Victorian(or global) teacher (available here) to use in their own classrooms.

The pride of his time in this role is most certainly Mini Melbourne and the associated Archaeology Adventure, that puts players into the virtual shoes of an archaeologist employed by Rail Projects Victoria to explore one of the sites for the Metro Tunnel Project. Stephen led the Minecraft side of this project, creating the map, and game mechanics that allow students to be engaged in an immersive adventure never before seen in Minecraft: Education Edition.